2019-12-27 16:03:09

Listing Yellow Gold Coin on the first cryptocurrency exchange.


We are pleased to announce the listing of Yellow Gold Coin on the first cryptocurrency exchange. The first exchange on which our coin will debut will be the BITCODEX exchange registered in Switzerland. Due to the Christmas and New Year period, work on the listing will be extended. Bearing in mind, above all, the interests of our clients, we want this stage of investment to be refined in every, even the smallest detail. Accordingly, Yellow Gold Coin will be listed on the BITCODEX in January 2020. We will inform you about the exact date of the listing in the next messages when the work will be finished. We will also keep our investors informed about the possibility of registering accounts on the BITCODEX exchange. In the attachment we place the confirmation document from the BITCODEX exchange. Please stay with us pending further information.

Link to document

Best regards,

Management Board of Yellow Gold Company LTD.